Kay's Original Oil Paintings

As artists grow, they like to explore new venues and paint areas of life that are important to them. We all see the world through different eyes. How wonderful to express yourself in such a creative way as painting. Please enjoy your visit. If you are interested in purchasing a painting, please call or e-mail me.

Happy Painting!

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Description Size Width x Height Title Painting
W. C. Fields was one of the great immortals of comedy. Although I'm not sure what chicanery means, this man was the master of it, and still makes me smile. 18" x 24" W. C. Fields W. C. Fields
Growing up in North Carolina, we would often enjoy riding through the Smokey Mountains. Somethings we always looked for were barns with See Rock City painted on their roofs. The Rock City attraction would paint the roofs/walls free as a unique form of advertising. You can still spot some if you try. 20" x 16" Rock City Barn Rock City Barn

Confererate Soldiers
that their heroic deeds
sublime self-sacrifice
and undying devotion
to duty and country
may never be forgotten

16" x 20" In Memory In Memory
Glorious clouds are a perfect background for the great bald eagle with outstretched wings. 20" x 16" Eagle Glory Eagle Glory
Dressed in our Sunday best made by mother, we eagerly looked forward to our $ .09 ice cream soda. 16" x 12" Sisters Sisters
On a lazy 1966 autumn day, my son and friend enjoy and explore the woods nearby. 18" x 24" James and Jeff Sisters

Clowns brighten our day and make us smile. 16" x 12" Be A Clown Clown
Regal in the spotlight of the Big Top. 12" x 24" Toby Toby
A relationship based on years of togetherness and acceptance. 24" x 12" Trust Trust

Cousins on the back porch steps at Aunt Ruth's rest from playing baseball and hula hoops 16" x 12" Aunt Ruth's Cousins

Cousins in 1966, coming from California and Tennessee, enjoy a bright day at Ocean Drive. Their nautical outfits were a gift from MaMa. 16" x 12" Ocean Drive Cousins

Osceola Osceola Osceola

Master Spirit
16" x 12"


Charleston, South Carolina

Hug a tree.

12" x 16" Angel Oak Angel Oak

Bok Crest Bok Tower Bok Door
16" x 12" Bok Tower
Lake Wales, Florida
16" x 12"
16" x 12"

Mount Rushmore

18" x 24"


Elvis Mona Vincent
16" x 12"
Mona Lisa
16" x 12"
16" x 12"

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