A Tribute to Bob Ross

This a special thank you for a most unique gift to the world - a technique for painting - and enjoying it while you're doing it. Bob Ross perfected this talent and passed it on to whoever had the dream in their heart to be an artist.

Although he is no longer with us, his spirit of happy painting is an inspiration that will long endure. Below are a few quotes from him that give you a glimpse of his character and attitude.

On this piece of canvas, you can do anything you can imagine.

Let your mind go and your imagine flow.

Painting is imagination that you can see.

Painting is nothing more than games of illusion.

Talent is nothing but an interest pursued.

Painting is an individual thing - it should make you happy, - should set you free. We're all looking for freedom, for escape, - some place that's nice - no pollution, nobody gets mad. It's a happy place and that's what you create on your canvas.

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